• Friar Club

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    The Friars Club is a devoted group of monthly donors committed to supporting the rebuilding of the Church through the Order of Preachers at the Dominican House of Studies. These generous souls are people like you giving what they can to pass on the light of faith to their children and grandchildr...

  • Angelic Warfare Confraternity

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    On the vigil of the annual March for Life, pilgrims gathered at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC, to be enrolled in an ancient confraternity dedicated to growth in purity under the protection of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

  • Out of the Shadows

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    Dominican Father Allen White, an Oxford-trained historian and long-time denizen of the Eternal City, traces the origins of Roman Christianity from its obscure, house-church beginnings to its ultimate triumph over the imperial power. From out of the shadows arose the Church, the City of God that w...

  • The Art of Preaching (Deluxe Pack)

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    Featuring never-before-seen footage of Sheen’s preaching, along with exclusive interviews from experts, including, Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R.; Fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P.; Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.; Fr. George Rutler, S.T.D.; and Fr. Paul Murray, O.P.

    This deluxe version also has Fulton She...

  • Paths to the Priesthood

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    Five Paths to the Priesthood chronicles the very different journeys of five Dominican Friars to the moment of their ordination as priests of Jesus Christ and what this has meant to them in their new lives as servants of the people of God.

  • NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution (Deluxe package)

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    This includes a special video on the importance of NFP vs IVF and contraception and the film NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution.

  • Empire of the Cross (Deluxe Package)

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    Fr. Allan White, O.P. leads us on a journey through the centuries, going back two millennia, as he explores the artistic and architectural features of the famed Basilica of Saint Clement in Rome.

  • Music Video

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    Featuring our popular music video "Come My Way" shot in the streets of New York City and two new pieces set in the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC.

  • Photography & Preaching

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    See some of the ways Dominican Friars are preaching through the arts!

    Fr. Lawrence Lew speaks about his photography of Stainglass windows and beautiful churches in this two part special. As a bonus also enjoy our music video!

  • 2016 Ordinations

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    Watch the Ordination Mass of the 800th Jubilee for the Dominican Friars, by Archbishop DiNoia. The 11 new priests, were ordained on May 21, 2016 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. This is our largest ordination class in 45 years – and it’s all thanks to people l...

  • The Crown of the Aventine

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    THE CROWN OF THE AVENTINE tours Santa Sabina which lies high on the Aventine Hill, beside the Tiber, in Rome. Sabina was built between 422 and 432 on the site of the house of the Roman matron Sabina, who was later declared a Christian saint. It was originally near a temple of Juno.