NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution (Deluxe package)

NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution (Deluxe package)

This includes a special video on the importance of NFP vs IVF and contraception and the film NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution.

NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution (Deluxe package)

3 Videos

  • NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution

    This groundbreaking documentary seeks to inform women of a natural alternative to mainstream women’s healthcare. The film takes a look at this new science while contrasting it with the more widely used medical model, and the highly problematic practice of prescribing hormonal contraceptives as a ...

  • Who are the Dominican Friars?

    "I am proud to say that I am a priest and a theologian because of the good Dominicans who formed me when I was a young man. The Dominican dedication to truthfulness, lively preaching, fellowship have inspired me throughout my life. Dominicans continue to be an indispensable leaven in our culture....

  • NaPro BONUS FEATURE!: Why Natural Family Planning?

    Dr. Karen Poehailos and Fr. Luke Clark, O.P. explain the rational behind Natural Family Planning, how Dr. Karen became involved with the practice, and why and how the Dominicans began to promote the use of NFP and NaPro at the Church of St Thomas Aquinas.