Friar Facts: Exploring Rome

Friar Facts: Exploring Rome

Journey through Rome with the Dominican Friars in this unique collection of films. A "digital pilgrimage" of sorts, learn more about the city that's so cherished by the Church of yesterday and today!

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Friar Facts: Exploring Rome
  • Empire of the Cross: An Excerpt - The Apse Mosaic

    An excerpt from our longer film, Empire of the Cross; this segment focuses on the stunning and intricate apse mosaic. Fr. Allan White, O.P. elucidates the fascinating meaning of this unique work of art, focusing on the great drama of our glorious redemption in Christ.

  • Empire of the Cross

    In this 30-minute documentary, Fr. Allan White, O.P., braves the scorching heat of July in the city of Rome and delivers an on-site historical exploration of the Basilica of San Clemente located at its heart. Citing the discoveries of Father Joseph Mullooly, O.P., in the mid-19th Century, he expl...

  • Master of the Sacred Palace

    St. Dominic, appointed in 1218, was the first Master of the Sacred Palace, the Papal Theologian. Eighty-four Dominicans consecutively succeeded him until the early 20th century.

    In the Dominican Order he ranks next to the general, ex-general and vicar-general. He is ex-officio consultor of the ...

  • Telling the Beads in Rome

    Pray the sorrowful mysteries of the holy Rosary along with the friars in Rome.

  • Out of the Shadows

    Dominican Father Allen White, an Oxford-trained historian and long-time denizen of the Eternal City, traces the origins of Roman Christianity from its obscure, house-church beginnings to its ultimate triumph over the imperial power. From out of the shadows arose the Church, the City of God that w...

  • The Crown of the Aventine

    A short-form documentary featuring Father Allan White, O.P., who gives us an in-depth tour of the Basilica of Santa Sabina (the Dominican Mother House in Rome), its connection with the order’s founder, St. Dominic, and its place in the spiritual lives of saints past and present.